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Welcome to the Ancestral Aura Collection, a celebration of African Wax Print in an array of captivating designs.

This collection is dedicated to empowering creativity, as it showcases the unique beauty and cultural heritage of African artistry. Here's what you'll find in this collection:

  • Orange and Teal Aesthetic: The collection features an abstract pattern in vibrant orange and teal colors. This design embodies the essence of dark bronze and teal, drawing inspiration from various styles such as junglepunk, marine biology, fashwave, infinity nets, and mesoamerican influences.


  • Captivating Variety: Each piece in the collection carries a distinct character. You'll discover colorful designs with black and orange dots, reminiscent of dark teal and light brown hues. Intricate foliage and afrofuturism-inspired elements in dark orange and green bring a touch of depth. There are also designs featuring graph paper, grungy textures, and a carnivalesque vibe in dark orange and teal. The collection truly represents a fusion of styles, including elements of mystery, vibrancy, and marine biology-inspired motifs.


  • Black-Owned, Women-Owned: By supporting the Ancestral Aura Collection, you are empowering black-owned and women-owned businesses.

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and vibrant colors of the Ancestral Aura Collection. Let the Batik and Ankara patterns transport you to a world where creativity knows no bounds.

✨ Discover the Ancestral Aura Collection, a tribute to African Wax Print in captivating designs.
✨ Immerse yourself in an array of orange and teal patterns, drawing inspiration from dark bronze, junglepunk, and marine biology.
✨ Each piece showcases unique elements, from intricate foliage to afrofuturism-inspired motifs.
✨ Support black-owned and women-owned businesses by embracing the Ancestral Aura Collection.
✨ Let the Batik and Ankara patterns inspire your creative journey.
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